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Akitsuyu Ogawa

Adjunct Professor

Akitsuyu Ogawa


Associate Professor Akitsuyu Ogawa graduated from the School of Law at Chuo University in 1995 and passed the National Bar Examination in 1997. After completing his national judiciary training in 2000, he joined the Shimizu Law Office as an attorney-at-law. Professor Ogawa obtained a Master of Law in Intellectual Property Law and also a Master of Law in Commercial Law and Company Law from the University of London and was registered with the Aichi Bar Association. In 2008, he became a patent attorney and is currently a partner at the Sakura Godo/Sakura International Patent Law Firm. He began teaching in 2009 when joined NUCB Business School as an Associate Professor, and the Nagoya University Graduate School of Law as a Lecturer. Professor Ogawa also serves as Vice-Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations, the Chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Russian Relations PT, and a member of the Center for the Promotion of International Operations.

Research Interests

Intellectual property rights law, especially basic theory of comparative international copyright law

Final Education

LL.M., University of London