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Noriko Saiki


Noriko Saiki


Dr. Noriko Saiki received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from Kyoto University. As a marketing consultant at the Japan Research Institute, she has worked with corporations in multiple industries, both public and private, in business promotion, marketing strategy development, brand strategy building, organization reinforcement, CS Management for clients varying in scale. She specializes in marketing for consumer goods and B2C, and makes regular broadcast appearances as a commentator on new programs. Dr. Saiki’s publications include co-authoring of the books Marketing in an Internet Society and Mass Marketing History of Japanese Companies as well as authoring the articles “A New Era for Brand Strategy,” and “The Fast-Expanding Nail Industry” in The Economist.

Research Interests

Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Web Communication

Final Education

Ph.D., Kyoto University