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Shigeki Takeuchi


Shigeki Takeuchi


Professor Shigeki Takeuchi served as an Assistant Director of the International Operations Division of the National Tax Agency (exchange of information based on treaties), a dispatched officer to Indonesia by the National Tax Agency(NTA), an Deputy Director of the Transfer Pricing Division of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau (in charge of transfer pricing audits), and an Examiner at the Tokyo Regional National Tax Tribunal (in charge of international taxation cases). He also served at Tax Counseling Office, Research Department of the National Tax College, and International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance. In the area of transfer pricing, he has experience in transfer pricing audits, Advanced Pricing Arrangements (APAs), formulation of administrative guidelines, and overall administration of transfer pricing audits at the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Since 2011, he has been with Ernst & Young Tax Co. where he has successfully handled many transfer pricing audits and has proposed and handled APAs, transfer pricing policies and documentation, etc. He has also handled numerous tax audits related to donation taxation (related to foreign related parties) in ordinary corporate tax audits. He is also a frequent contributor to books and magazines. Professor Shigeki Takeuchi was born in Mie Prefecture, completed his doctorate coursework at the Graduate School of Business Law at Hitotsubashi University, and completed his master coursework at the Graduate School of International Business at Tsukuba University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (Washington state), Certified Tax Accountant (Japan), and a member of the Japan Tax Law Association, Japan Tax Litigation Association, and the Japan Tax Accounting Association.

Research Interests

Tax Law, International Taxation, Tax History

Final Education

Ph.D., Hitotsubashi University

Academic Papers

  • Shigeki Takeuchi (2021) The characteristic of the Japanese transfer pricing regulations and corporate behaviors. Hitotsubashi University