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Kazuhiro Takino


Kazuhiro Takino


Dr. Takino has been teaching economics at NUCB Business School since 2009, after completing his doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University. His research interests include financial economics, asset pricing, and mathematical finance, and he has published a number of articles in renowned journals including Theoretical Economics Letters, the International Journal of Accounting and Finance, and the Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions.

Research Interests

Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Mathematical Finance

Final Education

Ph.D., Osaka University

Academic Papers

  • Kazuhiro Takino (2023) Are Banks Risk-averse or Risk-neutral Investors?. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2022) Derivatives Pricing after Financial Crisis 2008. NUCB Insight 11
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2021) The impact of non-cash collateralization on the over-the-counter derivatives markets. Review of Derivatives Research
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2021) A Derivatives Pricing Model with Non-cash Collateralization. The Journal of Derivatives 29 (1)
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2021) On mean–variance analysis of a bank’s behavior. Finance Research Letters
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2019) On Pareto Efficiency in Asset Markets. Theoretical Economics Letters 9 (7)
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2019) Valuation of a risk-averse investor under incomplete information. International Journal of Accounting and Finance


  • (2023) Research on optimal collateral contracts in derivatives securities transactions. JSPS Primary Researcher
  • (2020) A Microeconomic Analysis for Bank's Behavior in Asset Allocation. Zengin Foundation for Studies on Economics and Finance Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Kazuhiro Takino (2020) Investment Analysis and Lockheed Tri Star. Harvard Business School .
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2020) Butler Lumber Co.. Harvard Business School .
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2020) Beta Management Co.. Harvard Business School .
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2020) Arbitrage in the Government Bond Market?. Harvard Business School .
  • Kazuhiro Takino (2020) Tire City, Inc.. Harvard Business School .