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Seiwa Tanaka

Adjunct Professor

Seiwa Tanaka


After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University, Professor Tanaka completed a master's degree in law at Kyoto University as well as a master’s degree in international politics at Stanford University. He was engaged in various sections at the Bank of Japan, primarily responsible for planning and implementing financial and foreign exchange policies. He later worked as department manager for the Boston Consulting Group, where he consulted mainly in the field of financial affairs and was involved in starting new projects and dealing with matters regarding M&A. Professor Tanaka is also an advisor to foreign consulting firms and has recently conducted research on the investment environment in the domestic and international front as well as the financial and economic policy of the U.S. and Japan. He is a member of the International Commercial Research Association (3rd President), the Japan Finance Association, and the Japan Condominium Association.

Research Interests

Management, Commerce, Finance

Final Education

M.A., The Leland Stanford Junior University

Book & Case Publishing

  • Academy for International Business Transaction (2021) Encyclopedia of Terminology for International BusinessTransaction. Chuokeizai