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Toshihiko Ted Katagi


Toshihiko Ted Katagi


Professor Katagi became an adjunct faculty member at NUCB Business School in 2017 and has also been a Lecturer for Tsukuba University since 2012. He started his business career in enterprise sales for IBM, and after receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, he joined Bain and Company where he gained experience to eventually become Director of Strategy for AirTouch. His career experience as an executive spanning over 20 years includes: Chief Marketing Officer positions with Vodafone Japan, Verizon Wireless, and the Digital Phone Group, Global Head of Commercial Strategy for Vodafone, the head of the 2 billion USD enterprise group at Japan Telecom; the head of their Private Equity Group in Asia for Fidelity, and the COO of Picsel Software.

Research Interests

Marketing, Internet Business Strategy

Final Education

MBA, Harvard University