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Kenji Yokoyama

Dean for External Relations

Kenji Yokoyama


Before joining NUCB Business School in 2021, Dr. Kenji Yokoyama held several managerial positions at Ritsumeikan APU, including Dean of the School of Management, Vice-President of APU, and a Trustee of the Ritsumeikan Trust. He was also the President of AAPBS from 2019 to 2020, and held the position of Vice-Chair of the Business School Committee of the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA). Dr. Yokoyama was recognized for his research contributions, receiving the International Trade Promotion Award in 1992 and 1998, and the International Trade Association Award in 2002.

Research Interests

Family Business, Strategy

Final Education

Ph.D. , Ritsumeikan University

Academic Papers

  • Kenji Yokoyama (2024) Impact of AACSB Accreditation on Education Quality: Perception of Faculty in an Accredited School in Japan. International Journal of Educational Management


  • (2023) Data Science Research Program. Japan Science and Technology Agency Co-researcher
  • (2023) Japanese Data Science Program. Japan Science and Technology Agency Primary Researcher
  • (2022) Joint Research on Japanese "Kaizen" System. Japan Science and Technology Agency Co-researcher