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What is the average time commitment necessary to complete the program?

Master’s degree programs (Management Studies/Accounting and Finance Studies)

One course is completed over four days, typically over two consecutive weekends. With 2 courses held a month, students will take 8 or more courses every semester. Because the requirements for completion necessitate taking 16 to 18 courses within two years, students will commit 30% to 40% of their weekends to attending classes for two years. Courses are not available during the summer break from August to September, the spring break from February to March, the winter break from December to January, and the Golden Week holidays in May.

※Those in the Accounting and Finance program are required to attend graduate thesis seminar sessions held 7 times in a semester over 4 semesters (28 times in total).

※Those in the SME Management Consultant Program are required to participate in 5 consultant training sessions within the 2 years of the program. A single training session consists of 3 to 4 weekdays (typically) gaining practical experience from visits to companies. Session periods::twice in the second semester, twice in the third semester, once in the fourth semester of the program.


Courses are completed over the two days of a single weekend. A commitment of 12 to 18 weekends is necessary for completion of the one-year course (for those possessing a degree from a postgraduate or undergraduate institution, or a two-year or technical college program), and 24 to 36 weekends for the two-year course (for those who have a high school degree).