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"Innovation Program" offered in collaboration with INSEAD

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In collaboration with INSEAD, NUCB Business School has been contributing to the planning of the INSEAD Innovation Program due for implementation from the start of November with an aim to develop the human resources necessary to start up new business.

This program, devised by Aichi Prefecture as part of the Aichi-Startup Strategy, has been implemented as part of the pioneering efforts of Aichi Prefecture in cooperation with overseas universities and graduate schools to support the development of new businesses in the region.

Along with utilizing our network to support the recruitment of participants, NUCB Business School professors are also mentoring participants engaged in the creation of new businesses through training courses. The final results will be reported at a briefing in March to be held at our Marunouchi Tower Campus in Nagoya.

Innovation Program

The Aichi Startup strategy was initiated in October 2018 with an objective to form and enrich a start-up ecosystem as a fertile ground for start-up enterprises, maintaining Aichi Prefecture’s reputation as an industrial and manufacturing center and position the region as a leader in Japan and the world.

Aichi-Startup(Aichi Prefectural Govt. Website)


  • A series of online seminars will be conducted by INSEAD from November to February, aimed at those involved in the creation of new businesses within Aichi Prefecture’s most active industries.
  • The participants will also be challenged with start-up related project work to utilize what they have learned in the seminars. Both NUCBBS and INSEAD will offer support as they carry out their projects.
  • On the final day of the program, a results briefing will be held to present findings and lessons drawn from the program. (The results briefing is scheduled to be held in mid-March, and will be announced separately as soon as details are decided.)
  • Those who complete the program receive a certificate from INSEAD. To complete the program, participants must satisfy certain conditions such as attendance rate.
  • Target Participants: Enterprises with a head office or main office in Aichi Prefecture in charge of the creation of new businesses. Participants should be able to communicate in English.

Application Procedure

  • Number of seats: 20 people
  • Participation Cost: Free of charge
  • Language of instruction: English (Simultaneous interpretation into Japanese will be provided. However, assignments set in each class will only be in English)
  • Application Deadline: Friday, 9th October


INSEAD was founded in 1957. The most internationalized business school in the world with campuses in Europe (France), the United States (San Francisco), Asia (Singapore), and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). INSEAD provides world- class academic management training and business academic studies, and has been ranked first in Financial Times Global MBA rankings for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017). It is also the world's largest management training institute, annually providing executive training to more than 200 companies and over 12,000 executives from around the world.