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Orientation for Manufacturing MBA

#Business School

This spring, NUCB Business School will begin offering an MBA in Manufacturing course. This course is designed to help people involved in manufacturing acquire new knowledge and skills, and is an online course that does not require commuting. An orientation was held prior to the start of the course.

Faculty members with experience in the manufacturing industry will take the podium, and classes will be held in a case method format using practical business examples. The professors refrain from lecturing, leaving 70 percent of the time to the students to speak. The classes are designed not only to apply the skills acquired in the workplace, but also to develop human resources who will support manufacturing 10 years from now. Since the class will be conducted in a live format, it will be held in an innovative environment where students will be able to discuss not only with the faculty but also with other students through group discussions.

This time, as a preliminary practice for the group session, the students were divided into groups of about five and each introduced themselves. The session seemed to ease the tension of the participants, and some of them said they were looking forward to the actual session.