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Forging Pathways in the Forest: 2021 SDGs Project Wraps Up

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Hybrid Presentation

This fall, a consultant team made up of 10 members, with 2 academics and 8 MBA consultants from 9 different countries (Singapore, Pakistan, China, Korea, United Kingdom, South Africa , Ecuador, Egypt and Japan) embarked on a project to implement corporate policy toward achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by working with Ricoh Japan in the SDGs Project course.

Jointly piloted by Professor Hoe Chin Goi and Professor M. Mohsin Hakeem, the project directed participants to conduct fieldwork and research in order to answer the question of how corporations can manage social and environmental issues along with business opportunities.

Having carried out research in the forests of Ena, interviewed various stakeholders, and prepared proposals for a final presentation day before selected representatives of Ricoh and the Ena Board of Education, participants of the 2021 SDGs Project took on the role of consultants designing new pathways for corporations aspiring to achieve the SDGs.

Four presentations from pairs of participants were given to judges and commentators both on campus and joining remotely, introducing ideas developed for raising community awareness of SDGs by implementing new forms of technology, conscripting available human resources interested in positive change, and revamping marketing strategies.

When the dust settled, the representatives from Ricoh gave their comments before awarding the honor of best presentation to Christian Parraga and Zhikai He, who presented a Forest Pedagogy model based on similar programs in the UK.

We look forward to providing future opportunities for partnering organizations who wish to benefit from a diversity of perspectives in their approach to new ways of doing business in a changing world.