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  6. Case Method: MBA Live Broadcast 04, Behavioral Economics

Case Method: MBA Live Broadcast 04, Behavioral Economics

岩澤 誠一郎

Behavioral economics, which is the study of irrational decision-making and behavior in human economic activities, has gained attention in the 21st century.  Based on popular lessons at business schools, this book deepens understanding of customer behavior and the corresponding business through discussions with working students based on various cases and quizzes.  Read this book to the end to learn how to be at the cutting edge of your business, understand your customers, respect their intentions, and encourage behavior change if necessary, to improve your organization's decision making.

【Table of Contents】  
Chapter 1 What is case method education?
Chapter 2 Behavioral Economics Case Method Class Guidance
Chapter 3 Theory + Case Method Live Broadcast — Behavioral Economics ―