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McKinsey Style Presentation Technology

Kanno Seiji

This  book explains how technology can be used to move people, not just how to make a beautiful presentation or how to speak clearly. Since the ultimate purpose of a presentation is to make a proposal and persuade the listener to carry it out, beauty and fluency are just bonuses. Based on this idea, this book is written from the perspectives of how to produce an entire presentation and how to get your proposal implemented.

In addition to how to make materials and charts and how to explain them logically, the author explains audience analysis, time allocation, how to deal with people who are not convinced even after you've explained yourself logically, and effective use of equipment.

The presentation and production techniques that are useful for immediate practice, such as how to use and how to rehearse, are also explained. As a sister edition of this book, "McKinsey-style Illustrated Technology," which thoroughly explains how to create materials and charts is also on sale. If you read them together, there is no doubt that you will be confident in your presentation skills.