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Digital Marketing Textbook

Makita Yukihiro

Look beyond MBA marketing!

"What is digital marketing in the first place?"
"What should I do specifically?"
A must-read textbook for business people.

Data driven + omni-channel
Full understanding of new frameworks and their usage.

Data Driven: Understanding and Approaching Consumers with Data
Omni-channel: Seamlessly integrate e-commerce channels with real stores

"Measurement data determines the game of apparel" "Grasp the leisure time created by autonomous driving"
"Changing consumer behavior on Amazon Go" -Thorough prediction of the near future of marketing

Environmental analysis, consumer understanding, segmentation", channels, promotion.
How will digital marketing evolve in each area of ​​traditional marketing?
The purpose of this book is to show you the whole picture.

[Five evolutions and frameworks of digital marketing]
Evolution 1: Environmental Analysis-Defining the Future with FOA
Evolution 2: Consumer Understanding-Understanding Consumers with AISAS and ZMOT
Evolution 3: Segmentation-Thinking from "formation from individuals" rather than "subdivision from the whole"
Evolution 4: Channel-From Single Channel to Omni-Channel
Evolution 5: Promotion-From "Mass" to "One to One"

[Definition of digital marketing in this book]
Digital marketing is data-driven to make target consumers aware of products and services.
Foster interests, interests, and desires based on consumer pre-purchase behavior data, and acquire purchasing data.
Obtain suggestions for product development and service development based on purchase data and consumer evaluation data after purchase.
It refers to a series of activities that acquire these data from EC channels and real stores and at the same time provide consumers with an optimal purchasing experience.
The goal of these activities is to deepen relationships with consumers and ultimately become a consumer agent.

In this book, we will show you the whole picture of digital marketing by utilizing the marketing we have learned in MBAs at home and abroad.
Many MBAs offer lectures based on Philip Kotler's "Marketing Management."
This document defines this as conventional marketing.
Digital marketing and traditional marketing are not separate. It's not a conflict.
Digital marketing is an evolution of traditional marketing, in other words, inclusion and overwriting.
So, taking advantage of traditional marketing, which already has a big picture, digital marketing is
I will show you the whole picture with an approach of how traditional marketing is evolving.