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  6. The Whole Picture of the 21st Century Energy Revolution

The Whole Picture of the 21st Century Energy Revolution

Masuda Tatsuo

"We are at a major turning point in energy history..."
So said Europe's leading economist, looking into the future of the energy transition!

The shale revolution, the collapse of safety myths due to the Fukushima Daiichi accident, competition for new energy development, the whereabouts of oil-producing countries in China and the Middle East, and the growing threat of global warming. The world's energy is at a historic turning point. So what will happen to the world's energy policy in the future? What should Japan do?

This book gives an overview of the energy revolution in the 21st century, following the popular World Energy Market concept introduced by Jean-Marie Chevalier and others, who are the central brains of European energy policy. This book has become a bestseller in Europe and even a hot topic in the media.