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  6. How to Create Ideas Learned from Great Inventions- Thinking Development Workshop

How to Create Ideas Learned from Great Inventions- Thinking Development Workshop

Mihara Koji

Post-it notes, gramophones, steam locomotives, mackintoshes, etc.
What kind of thinking did these great inventions come from?
Learn the basics of thinking work from epoch-making ideas that changed the world.
Self-question and self-answer training with three questions.

■ From the introduction of this book:
In this book, we will explain the thinking development method that inspires new ideas.
If you can incorporate the program into your thought circuit, you will be able to use it for a broad array of topics, such as new product planning, new service planning, new business model planning, problem solving, business strategy,

This book is roughly divided into the two hales. Until session 4 in the first half, we explain the core of inspiration while introducing the brilliant achievements of genius inventors.
In the second half, Session 5 and beyond, we will show you how to develop your thoughts to mimic the inspiration of these genius inventors.

The biggest feature of the thinking development method introduced in this book is to think of a plan in a self-questioning format.
When you come up with various ideas, you can discuss in a group or
listen to the opinions of experts and experienced people.
The thinking development method in this book also recommends adopting such a method, and
it would also be effective to promote the thinking development method within a project team.
However, the most important thing for the birth of a breakthrough idea is the power of the individual.

The merit of the thinking development method is being able to enhance the power of the individual by yourself.
The purpose of thinking development is not to improve the use of methods.
It's about planning and executing projects that make people happy, and to increase the benefit of new and innovative ideas.
Readers can use the thinking development methods presented in this book to create exciting ideas for everyone.