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  6. Management Change to Overcome the Recession

Management Change to Overcome the Recession

Monden Yasuhiro

A prescription for management change to overcome the Great Recession. It is an interesting and practical composition with four one-shot cases.

Part 1: M & A and financial innovation of core business strategy (core business strategy and M & A / financial innovation)
Part 2: Business restructuring and business selection by group reorganization (from integration / division / unprofitable business of affiliated companies within the corporate group) Withdrawal-Identify "value creation business" and "value destruction business")
Part 3:
Strategic cost reduction and employment measures (utilization of cross-functional team / strategic cost reduction measures and employment measures)
Part 4:
Cost reduction by thorough on-site improvement (Start of introduction of Toyota production system / Implementation of red tag project / Introduction of single-flow production-Standing work, waiting for multiple processes, automation / Small lot production and setup improvement)