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  6. Financial Transformation and the Future of Banking

Financial Transformation and the Future of Banking

Murai Mutsuo

The tide of financial change in the United States has had a major impact on the financial systems of other countries, including Japan, in the last quarter of the 20th century. This book draws a future image of banks based on changes in the financial intermediary function of banks, relationships with developed markets, the impact of information and communication technology innovation, entry into different industries, markets and intermediaries, and safety nets.

Chapter 1 / Changes in Bank Risk Burden and Risk Diversification
Chapter 2 / Information and New Technology (IT) Innovation and Bank IT Industrialization Strategy
Chapter 3 / Entering the Banking Business of Different Industries
Chapter 4 / Roles of Markets and Brokers and Their Relationships
Chapter 5 / Bank Regulations and Safety Nets
Chapter 6 / 21st Century Bank Image