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How Much to Pawn my Wife?

Nagano Ryosuke

What is the price of your happiness? Discover the shocking truth that you can see when you  apply accounting"
principles to marriage, family, and parenting!

Do you know what happiness is? What is the value of a loved one? In this book, an up-and-coming financial analyst will clarify the meaning of happiness by making full use of cutting-edge financial / investment theory, accounting, business administration, etc.

Choosing a spouse is the same as investing in stocks. Investment theories that are common knowledge in the financial world, such as "volatility" and "risk tolerance", are useful for finding a good companion. If you use the idea of ​ cash flow, you can understand how to build a happy marriage.

Calculating the price of your wife / husband from an accounting or economics perspective will change the way you look at your spouse. You will learn the flipside to the idea that money can't buy happiness! The ultimate accounting book, a shocking investment guide, is finally here!