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  6. How to Earn Foreign Capital: All Profit Mechanisms Explained

How to Earn Foreign Capital: All Profit Mechanisms Explained

Nagano Ryosuke

Why can only foreign capital make a lot of money? This book examines the impact verification of the money-making power and alchemy back!
There are no days when the trends of foreign capital rampaging in the Japanese economy, such as vulture foreign capital, making a lot of money, foreign capital fund, buying and fishing in Japan, and crashing Japanese stocks due to selling foreign capital, are not reported sensationally. In this book, an up-and-coming financial analyst who has been engaged in the development of financial derivative products for many years at a foreign financial institution focuses on the profitability and mechanism and discusses how to earn foreign capital with many mysteries and prejudices. Thorough elucidation. If you read this book, you will find out the true identity of foreign capital, which has been reported only sensationally until now! The era of finishing just by dismissing them as "vultures" is over!