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Junji Nakamura's Guide to Baseball

Nakamura Junji

The winning teaching method, revealed for the first time by  Koshien's most victorious coach. This book introduces the essence of Nakamura-style baseball, which has produced professional players, from technical theory of running offense and defense to spiritual theory and life theory. The truth of the Kazuyoshi baseball club, which included Kuwata, Kiyohara, Tatsunami, Kataoka, and Kazuo Matsui, is also included.

Chapter 1 My Guidance
Chapter 2 Technical Theory / Psychological Theory (Basic Edition; Pitching / Catch Edition; Hitting Edition; Running Base Edition, etc.)
Chapter 3 Student Interview (Kazuhiro Kiyohara (Yomiuri Giants))
Masumi Kuwata (Yomiuri Giants)
Atsushi Kataoka (Nippon-Ham Fighters), etc.)