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  6. Post-capitalist Corporate Management Paradigm Shift 2016 [Kindle version]

Post-capitalist Corporate Management Paradigm Shift 2016 [Kindle version]

Onaka Tadao

Will the zero interest rates on major currencies, the US dollar, the Euro and the Yen disappear in the future?
If this is not resolved, the capitalist system, which has recognized the "aging" characteristic of interest rates on only one currency, will lose its essence as all beings on the planet deteriorate over time.

Interest rates have stimulated the diligence of human society as a fundamental standard of corporate management efficiency, and have achieved high growth along with the Industrial Revolution. However, it is becoming clear in the 21st century that human-based corporate organizations cannot continue to cope with such unstoppable inorganic self-renewal capabilities of capital.

The people who make up a company, whether they are management or employees, are beginning to be exhausted. In Japanese companies, the serious deterioration of employee mental health and the stagnation of gross domestic product (GDP) indicate this. The fact that the pursuit of efficiency by advanced social enterprises has reached its limit in the global society as a whole is also reflected in the fact that sustainable growth has begun to be given top priority as a new corporate management concept.

In this book, what kind of fundamental paradigm shift is required for corporate management in the era when interest rates are disappearing, which is facing the global society. We are trying to raise the main points of focus to next-generation executive human resources and explore them together.