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  6. Strategic Leader Thinking Techniques: Practical Case Study

Strategic Leader Thinking Techniques: Practical Case Study

Onaka Tadao

Learn from 16 leading companies and 46 challenges. Discover the key to empowerment that enhances shareholder and customer value.
This book is a case study-type textbook with 46 additional issues set based on interviews and related information on the management vision of the CEOs of 16 global companies. While using these 16 chapters and 46 issues as a framework for consideration or as hints for readers, ・ What specific thoughts and actions are required to strengthen leadership ability as an individual? Is it? It is structured so that it is possible to consider the central issues when strengthening leadership ability, such as what kind of strategy is specifically required to develop leadership human resources as a company. In other words, the purpose is a thinking book. (From "Preface")