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Fully Understandable Bonds and Interest Rates

Otsuki Nana

The second Abe Cabinet, which was established in 2012 when there was a great deal of interest in bonds and interest rates, aimed to break away from deflation, while the BOJ implemented another dimension of monetary easing under the BOJ Governor Kuroda. Keywords such as the purchase of long-term government bonds and the introduction of negative interest rates were reported daily, and bonds and interest rates attracted more attention than ever before. Understanding how bonds and interest rates work and what's happening is now an essential skill in doing business.

You can understand everything from the mechanism of bonds and interest rates to professional trading techniques by reading this book. Bonds and interest rates are fields handled by the elite sector among financial institutions, and the hurdles to understand them are very high, so this book aims to demystify bonds and interest rates.

For bonds and interest rates, we will explain the mechanism of the system, the current situation in Japan, the history of bonds and the bond situation in each country, and also explain the professional bond trading technique that has hardly been explained to the general public. This is a book that allows the reader to understand everything involved.

The commentary, based on abundant experience, is characterized by the three tenets of the breadth of the theme, the depth of the content, and the practical perspective.

An essential textbook for learning bonds and interest rates.