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  6. Basic Sentence Patterns of Elementary Chinese

Basic Sentence Patterns of Elementary Chinese

PingPing Zhu Lincoln


This textbook focuses on the grammar and sentence patterns of elementary Chinese. The book focuses on the six basic grammatical elements of Chinese, and introduces the composition of basic Chinese sentence patterns and the meaning and position of each grammatical element in the sentence one by one.
This textbook is based on the framework and basic content of the Grade A grammar outline and Grade A words formulated by the Chinese Language Office of China. The book covers most items of the Grade A grammar syllabus and 80% of Grade A vocabulary. This book is suitable for students who want to master the most basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary through short-term study, and for beginners who want to understand the rules of Chinese sentence-making from the perspective of Chinese grammatical structure. This textbook will lay a solid foundation for entering Level B grammar and vocabulary learning.