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  6. Case Method MBA Live Broadcast 03 Business Model

Case Method MBA Live Broadcast 03 Business Model

Ryusuke Koyama

In this book, after reviewing the basic theory of the business model, a part of the discussion class held in the actual MBA class is reproduced on paper in the form of a live broadcast. The four cases discussed are "Seven-Eleven and Lawson's management strategy," "Toyota's scenario planning," and "New value that the App Store has brought to Apple." While introducing a wealth of examples of these notable companies in Japan and overseas, we will thoroughly explain the concept of business models that business people should hold in order to create new value and build a competitive advantage. This book is also recommended as a practical book for managers and entrepreneurs from MBA beginners who are about to learn about management.

【table of contents】  
Chapter 1 What is case method education?
Chapter 2 How to use the case method in class
Chapter 3 Theory-Business Model-
Chapter 4 Live Broadcast-Business Model-