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  6. Business Succession of SMEs (4th Edition & Illustrations)

Business Succession of SMEs (4th Edition & Illustrations)

Saito Koichi

This book explains the basics, applications, and comprehensive measures of business succession related to property rights and management rights. This is the latest version of a popular book, which incorporates up-to-date information, abundant ¥ and illustrations, focusing on four methods: succession to relatives, succession to employees, M & A, and trust.

・ Group corporate tax system compatible version
・ Debt deduction of inheritance tax at a partnership company
・ What is tax saving by utilizing fixed-term land lease rights with family companies?
・ Small-scale residential land devaluation measures!
・ Is it still possible to refund the consumption tax of Apa Man Construction?
・ Group corporation taxation, consolidated tax payment, tax deferral, and special exceptions for legitime are also used.
・ A wealthy person becomes an asset manager utilizing a family company!