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A Professional Manager Has Only One Job

Takagi Haruo

The essential job of a manager is to distribute appropriate information to their subordinates. Through distribution management, we explain the basic knowledge that moves people and organizations.

"Extraordinary skills and knowledge" and "noble human charm"
Do you think those are a must for a good manager? That's overkill!
They are useful qualities in management, but they are not essential.

So what makes a good manager? In fact, a handful of good managers are doing just one thing: To distribute management.
By practicing this style of management, it is possible to achieve all organizational goals, raise the awareness of one's subordinates, improve one's career, master crisis management in the workplace, and implement innovation.

The author is Haruo Takagi, an emeritus professor at Keio University and a teacher at the Nagoya University of Commerce Business School, an internationally accredited MBA Program.