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Partnership in International Management: Our school joins the prestigious PIM Network

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We are pleased to announce that our school has become a full member of the PIM Network. Our membership (the 68th in the world), which is essential to further accelerate the quality of MBA study and internationalization at our Graduate School of Management, was made official at the 2022 PIM Annual Conference (Oct. 26-28) held at Warwick Business School.

What is PIM?

PIM, Partnership in International Management, is a consortium of leading international business schools founded in 1973 by the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), New York University (NYU), and London Business School (LBS) as a cooperative effort to overcome academic and institutional barriers to exchange activities. PIM facilitates the development of international cooperation among members, fostering the development of joint programs, students and faculty exchange, joint research and cooperation among faculty members and researchers.

In keeping with its purpose, PIM is governed by a pledge signed by all members in Milan in 1986 and revised in Rotterdam in 1994 and Melbourne in 1999 to facilitate student exchanges between top business schools around the world. It consists of three elected chairs, one from each of the three regions, who are responsible for strategic planning and membership. Only schools that have demonstrated leadership in the field of management education and award degrees in business administration that demonstrate the highest standards of excellence are invited to join this prestigious network.

Association Year Established Objective Network 
(No. of IHEs)
PIM 1973 Exchange and Collaborative Research 68
AAPBS 2001 APAC Regional Cooperation 122
GBSN 2003 Project Collaboration 130 

It is well known that AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA are the three major accreditations in the world for business schools, but the three major networks in the world are PIM, AAPBS, and GBSN.

PIM is known as a network to which, in principle, only one representative university per country is invited, and the very top business schools in THE (#WorldRanking) are listed, allowing exchange programs and collaborative research among member schools. Below are examples of PIM members worldwide (full list).

Asia / Oceania Top7

  • Tsinghua Univ #16
  • Peking Univ #17
  • NUS #19
  • The Univ of Melbourne #34
  • Nanyang Tech Univ #36
  • CUHK #45
  • HKUST #58

The Americas Top7

  • Columbia Univ #11
  • Univ of Chicago #13
  • Cornell Univ #20
  • Univ of Michigan #23
  • New York Univ #24
  • Duke Univ #25
  • Northwestern Univ #26

Europe / Africa Top7

  • Imperial College London #10
  • LSE #37
  • KU Leuven #42
  • Univ of Manchester #54
  • Erasmus Univ #80
  • Univ of Warwick #104
  • Vienna Univ #124

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