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Burgundy School of Business Spring Semester Exchange Report 2021 / Karen Lee

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Burgundy School of Business Spring Semester Exchange Report 2021  /  Karen Lee (GMP, Tokyo)

NUCB offers master program students various ways to study abroad, not only as full-time students but also as short-term students such as exchange or online students after COVID-19. I kept checking the international program pages in order to find out any other fit program for me about 6months before I applied for it. There are a lot of international exchange programs and update them almost every week. Burgundy School of Business is one of the members of the conférence des Grandes Écoles which are elite academic institutions with highly competitive admission required. It was a great opportunity to take a Grandes Écoles program without any extra tuition fee or any exam. NUCB administration shared not only all application forms but also detail progress information as soon as I submitted the attached files. If you consider applying for the international exchange program, please check the deadline and follow the guide of NUCB administration.

Burgundy Business School

Curriculum in Burgundy School of Business
Burgundy School of Business offers 3 major programs in management, marketing, and Finance fields for international students who are able to choose this major program along with subjects, French class as well. I selected 6 subjects as below list and French class.

Curriculum in Spring 2020-2021 Semester in Burgundy School of Business school:

  • Contemporary Managerial Philosophies
  • Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Mindsets
  • International Business Intelligence
  • International Consulting Project
  • Managerial & Entrepreneurial Ethics
  • Seminar
  • French

I have been wanted to study more about management mindset, Ethics, Philosophy, and entrepreneurship what I have less chance to learn or easy to forget at work. So it was a great opportunity to learn not only ethics but also all other mindset-related subjects. The methods of conducting the study in BSB were first professor’s lectures, group discussion, and group projects depending on the subjects. Group discussion and group projects helped between international students and French students’ relationships and improve how to understand international cultures. Most of the class had a group discussion with a group presentation, and personal assignments by online because of under COVID-19 situation until the middle of the semester.

The group work, International Consulting Project, was a good opportunity to understands what is good consulting with an actual company case study, local travel agency, Vaovert by suggesting solutions in our group. By taking this course, our group becomes business consultants and will be aroused of our interests and attention on solutions. Recently, it has become a trend for companies to utilize more and more consulting related to various tasks. Consulting is a service that uses strategic thinking methodologies, expertise, and various techniques and tools to provide appropriate solutions to problems requested by customers. Each group should find out the solution and being a professional consultant to them within a week. During this group work and class, I learned that the initial questions can change during the as-is analysis, compare to-be process, and redefine the initial questions after analysis. Being a good consultant needs to not only have a keen observation during the analysis of data, but also how to drive to reformulate the problem based on the data what you collect by different category.  

Each class of Contemporary Managerial Philosophies gave me a chance how to transfer the way of business and drive their management philosophy and strategy by the UN’s 17 Sustainable development goals what I learned it the first day of philosophy class. Because management philosophy interacts with business ethics and drives a company’s sustainability long-term plan and shows how to connect with this mindset to our society. The United Nations proclaimed that 17 Sustainable development goals contain a blueprint about economic viability, social equity, and environmental protection as 17 sectors in order to facilitate these goals with socially responsible investment, socially responsible management. The methodology of the other classes was almost the same as group work, group presentation, and individual assignments.
BSB kept checking the announcement of the French government whenever the COVID-19 situation changes and notice the students for our safety. To sum up, NUCB provides a precious opportunity to all students and anyone can have this opportunity - especially as online programs have increased after the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is easier than taking an international exchange program now. In this regard, I highly recommend you utilize the school program and be hungry for getting knowledge.