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Emergency Medicine in Japan 2021

#救急医療 #生命倫理 #労働環境


The first half of this case outlines emergency medicine in Japan and deepens understanding of the structure of emergency medicine, the work of emergency physicians, and their role in the community. It also examines the training system for young physicians and the sources of engagement, and details the difficulties in training emergency physicians. In the latter part of the lecture, the new challenges created by the new specialist system and work style reforms, and the resulting difficulties in maintaining a balance between supply and demand in emergency medicine, will be relived through a crisis in a rural emergency center. The purpose of the case is to develop the discussion from micro to macro level to examine the problems and solutions of emergency medicine and the decision making to realize sustainable emergency medicine based on the contents up to this point.

Detailed information

Case ID 21-1064
Published 2021
Analyzed Area Social enterprise & ethics
Pages 37
Language Japanese
Teaching Note Attached