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Yuka 2021

#Entrepreneurship #Social business #Business plan


In 2021, five years after the start of Yuka, the application which revolutionizes the food and cosmetic industry continues to grow. Yuka is a French start-up founded in 2016 to help consumers in their purchasing choices by giving them information about product composition. Thanks to scanning, application users can access easy-to- understand data about ingredients and components. Yuka represents a new type of solution that brings technological solutions to people’s preoccupations. Thanks to data and digital, the start-up wants to resolve a daily informational concern. The need to stay independent, the data challenge and the increase in competitors are challenges that Yuka needs to faced, while remaining faithful to its initial commitments to bring a new tool to customers to make a choice. Maybe the start-up will need more funds to transform the little application into a wealthy business. Julie Chapon, Yuka’s co-founder and head of communication, represents in the media the new application and is in charge of its visibility and promotion. Through her voice, this case describes the development of Yuka and approaches new forms of businesses. It raises the dilemma between social and economic goals in an era where companies are more and more aware of their duty towards society. This case study will start by studying the history and development of Yuka. It pursues by analyzing the success of the company, their position on this new market and the strategy to growth. Then, it describes how the application influences consumer behaviors and industry standards in the food and cosmetic sectors. Finally, the case study will go deeper into the main challenges and the vision of Yuka for the future through Julie Chapon’s choice.

Detailed information

Case ID 21-1074
Published 2021
Analyzed Area General management
Pages 29
Language English
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