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NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference

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The NAFSA Conference is considered the "International Education Event of the Year" by many higher education institutions around the world. The annual event is held in the United States each year and welcomes administrators, directors, international relations managers and coordinators from nearly every country across the globe. This year the conference was held in the city of brotherly love - central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the East Coast of the United States from May 27th to June 1st.

The theme for the NAFSA 2018 Conference was "Diverse Voices, Shared Commitment" which aimed to highlight the 'value and power of diverse voices that lead to more authentic collaborations and speak to alternative narratives that challenge our old ideas and make us think about new solutions and opportunities.'

Staff from the NUCB Business School made the long journey from Nagoya to Philadelphia to meet with about fifty of our current partners or new potential partners to add to the diverse portfolio of elite global institutions that the NUCB Business School collaborates with on terms of student exchange, faculty exchange and joint-research activities. One of the highlights this year was a breakfast reception hosted by the Internationalization of Turkish Research Universities where the NUCB Business School has two partner institutions.

The NUCB Business School has 130 elite global partner institutions in 54 countries around the world. As the most globally oriented business school in Central Japan and one of the top leading business schools in all of Japan, the emphasis on study abroad and international exchange is a key driver of the mission at the NUCB Business School. For details about the double degree program and procedures for new applicants and current students please visit our dedicated page here.