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Faculty Report: Prof. Yu-Hsu Sean Hsu

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The rapid pace of globalisation has resulted in the significant transformation of contemporary economic organisations worldwide.  Regardless of the size and ownership style of a firm, issues related to its successful operation in the international context are too serious to be ignored.  Human Resource Management, one of the modules I am currently teaching at NUCB Business School, has a strong focus on HRM issues in Asian countries in an attempt to identify the unique HRM systems which are closely associated with their national cultures and institutions and how globalisation has impacted them.

HRM issues encountered by contemporary Japanese firms such as, foreign workers, an ageing work force and regular workers versus temporary or irregular workers are also incorporated into our analysis.  The Asian region provides us with a rich context for the investigation of HRM systems on account of its divergent national cultures, religions and levels of economic development.  This module particularly attracts students who are interested in examining HRM systems from various angles as well as pursuing a career in the Asian region in the future.

Profile of Prof. Yu-Hsu Sean Hsu

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