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Class Report: Prof Goi's "Design Thinking"

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With the background of a doctorate degree in Media and Governance, I specialize my research and teaching in field of “Design Thinking”. Understanding the needs for innovative solutions that addresses the aging trends in Japan, I have designed and taught Design Thinking course with a “Remote Based Model”.

Under the course, international and Japanese students who are based in Nagoya region form up teams to create innovative solutions for senior residents in Tokyo region, under the condition of a distance environment. The model comprises of 3 components, which include an online and faced to face communication flow, a two-way solution iteration process, and an interface with intermediate agents, embedded into Design Thinking process as a practice in a classroom environment. The project has resulted in the increase of motivation and entrepreneurial actions amongst students, contribution of creative solution, and direct social impact on the local community.

Thus, the results and learnings have proved the effectiveness and relevance of remote based Design Thinking as a new approach to nurture “Frontier Spirit” and innovativeness amongst students that addresses social impact in future.

The NUCB Business School offers the Global Leader Program as a 100% English, 100% Case Method program. Students choose from a curriculum list of 32 regular two-credit courses based in Nagoya and 10 one-credit courses offered between Nagoya and Tokyo as part of the Global MBA Specialized Track. With mostly practitioner based faculty, the NUCB Business School manages to combine the best-of-the-best in theory and practice thanks to a strong field of full-time senior faculty, research oriented faculty and visiting faculty from partner institutions.