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On top of the world: Views from Inuyama Castle

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It was a rainy day in July for the six international students who visited the charming town of Inuyama and its famous castle, donning traditional Japanese garments and drinking in the rich culture of the Land of the Rising Sun like freshly made green tea from a handcrafted matcha jawan.

Amongst the group were two MSc in Management candidates, Ms. Tiara and Mr. Rakshith, who reported on their experience as follows.

Tiara, class of 2023

I expected the trip to Inuyama would be very hectic with so many activities. Surprisingly, the trip was quite relaxing where the participants really could enjoy the astonishing scenery, interact with each other, and even take countless amazing pictures. Wearing a yukata during the whole trip brought different meaning to the trip and made it even more enjoyable. It was ended perfectly with the visit to Inuyama castle. The view from the highest floor of Inuyama castle was worth the effort. It gave us the 360 degree view where we could see the river, some small forest, and the small city of Inuyama.

Rakshith, class of 2022

Inuyama Castle's wooden donjon displays suits of samurai armour, swords(katanas), folding screens (byobu), and documents from its long historical past. We changed our outfits to vibe with the castle, and dressed in traditional Kimonos and Yukata were the best way to explore Inuyama. Inuyama Biyori, a shop near the castle, had many options for rental kimonos. Dressed in the traditional Japanese outfit, I felt like a samurai, and the experience was surreal. We experienced Japanese hospitality through the tea ceremony, and the traditional costumes made the experience authentic. The trails for the castle were breathtaking and Instagram-worthy as well. The roads that led to Inuyama castle gave us the vibes of the streets of Kyoto; the alleyways were beautiful with traditional houses and shops.

Extracurricular cultural enrichment trips and activities are great opportunities to supplement the learning done in the classroom. Whether it's from visiting a historical site or taking a factory or museum tour, lasting memories of new experiences help shape international students' understanding of the different ways in which ideas, along with goods and services, are exchanged from culture to culture.