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Sustainability Symposium 2022: Establishing Collaborative Practices for Achieving SDGs

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Following on the heels of the last day of the SDGs Project course, the 1st NUCB Business School Sustainability Symposium invited guest speakers to present their research in ESG areas and share their practical experiences. The goal of this event, held for the first time, was to establish a platform for exchanging sustainability practices and amongst regional organizations in Japan and, eventually, overseas. Remote attendance by representatives of Ena city and Ricoh Corporation was made possible with our hybrid auditorium.

The session was opened by our Dean of External Relations, Prof. Kenji Yokoyama, who introduced the stakeholders from the SDGs Project course to speak about their experiences working with our students and sharing the insights they had gained. A panel discussion followed, which was moderated by Prof. Hakeem, one of the faculty members responsible for organizing and steering the course. Dr. Masaki Umejima of Keio Business School, also Project Leader on the IEC System Committee on Smart Energy, presented cases of SDGs initiatives in other regions of Japan, and provided a global context for understanding SDGs initiatives overall. This was further elaborated on by Mr. George Loeer, President and Representative Director of NRW Japan, who spoke on Germany's approach to sustainability and how it contributes to their economic strength.

After the symposium wrapped up, a reception was held in our campus's Salon to give participants and speakers a chance to reflect on the learning done and connect further with stakeholders. One of the course participants and symposium attendees, NUCB MiM candidate Eric Elter, put together a short film documenting his experience and that of others impacted by the course. View it below.