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Students vs. Startups at JETRO Nagoya's Ideation Workshop



We are extremely proud to have played host to the JETRO Nagoya and the Central Japan Startup Ecosystem Consortium's "Startup x Global Talents Ideation" Workshop this past weekend, bringing startups together with international and Japanese students studying in the Tokai region. Encouraging the global development of startups, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) invited international students and motivated Japanese students who are interested in work or internships at startups to share their unique perspectives and ideas from around the world, and co-create with startups from Chubu who are working to solve global social issues.

Students from Gifu University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Shizuoka University, and NUCB Business School listened to pitches from six emerging startups based in the Chubu area: Corpy & Co., Eve Autonomy, Fainzy Technologies, Mirai Scien, Omni Links, and Pi Photonics. Once participants understood each startup's profile and goals, the workshop portion began. A talk given by Prof. Hoe Chin Goi helped participants become familiar with the design thinking process and, once participants were organized into smaller groups, students from different schools worked together to generate ideas for social impact that were presented at the end of the workshop session.

Of course, no such event is complete without a hearty meal to refresh and reward the participants after a productive day of innovation and creative thinking. Over a networking lunch, students and startup leaders came together to share further insights and, hopefully, contact information.

Events such as these benefit startups by providing them with a diverse set of consultants, all with fresh and modern business insights for developing businesses. In turn, students gain experience learning about startups with innovative business models, putting their ideas into practice and facing unique challenges along the way. For both parties, the workshop is an opportunity to demonstrate prowess that may lead to internships and further innovation.