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Exploring Family Business with Chulalongkorn Business School

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A 3-day program was arranged for students of Chulalongkorn Business School (Thailand), including a series of lectures, company visits, and case discussion. The program, led by Prof. Yokoyama (our Dean of External Relations), explored the topic of family business for a group of 27 participants, many of whom are employed by or operating family-run SMEs.

Company visits arranged with Alpen, a sporting goods retail chain company and manufacturer headquartered in Nagoya, and Asahi Forge, a producer of automotive parts and machine components headquartered in the nearby Gifu Prefecture gave practical insights from an industry perspective, contextualized by the lectures and case discussions facilitated by Prof. Yokoyama. Both companies are Japanese family-run businesses that are leaders in their respective fields.

A welcoming dinner was arranged for our guests at the end of their first day on campus. It was a pleasure to host colleagues and newcomers to Japan, and to provide a unique immersion program tailored to their institutional learning goals.