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Exploring sustainability in Asia with Esade Business School

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After a series of intensive lecture sessions punctuated by group work, more than a few group photos, and dozens of clinked glasses later, the Esade Business School 2023 study tour in Japan has come to an end. Led by Prof. Marc Vilanova, Senior Lecturer and  Director of the Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability at Esade, a team of 47 students from 15 different countries and 4 different MSc programs embarked on an exploration of efforts to drive sustainable growth in the APAC region, proudly arranged and hosted by our school.

The lectures given by our professors on various topics ranging from digitalization to sustainable strategy, from innovation to design thinking for fieldwork preparation, were preceded and followed by practitioner perspectives provided by both large Japanese firms, such as outdoor sporting goods manufacturer and retailer Alpen, and smaller local business, such as the Iwamura Brewery in Ena city, a small rural town in a neighboring prefecture. Cementing the classroom learning with practical experiences, the program took participants beyond the veneer of cultural exploration, exploring the inner workings of the industries that power Japan's rich and unique society.

Our school will continue proudly hosting these unique immersive experiences, bringing together students from partnering institutions united by their desire to learn more by diving deeper--or, as our friends at Esade say, "Do good. Do Better!"