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Tea and Toyota: Why we explore Japan's rich culture

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Tea ceremony

Every year, Japan welcomes hundreds of thousands of international students to experience its unique blend of traditional heritage and modern technology. For students at our school, the learnings in the classroom are punctuated by visits to cultural sites that endow new perspectives on both business and society.

Students this spring enjoyed an educational visit to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, where visitors learn about the signature techniques and history of the world-famous company whose success became a major chapter in the story of how Japan became synonymous with technological innovation.

Those wishing to dive deeper into the context of a culture that cultivates world leaders in the fields of art, entertainment, and mobility are also eager to witness and participate in traditions rooted deep in history, such as the ritualistic Japanese tea ceremony, in order to gain an understanding of how the Japanese have earned a reputation for their unique set of socially beneficial values.