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Unveiling new and updated scholarship opportunities for Global MBA & MiM programs

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A majority of our international program students receive scholarships directly from our school. Designed to bring the best out of every participant in our case method class discussions, our merit-based tuition and housing fee reduction systems reward students who add value to the classes they join, contributing to the learning of the student body overall. Starting with this year's fall enrollees, our school is updating and adding new pre-enrollment scholarship opportunities to reward those who strengthen the diversity and level of expertise in our classrooms.

Pre-Enrollment Achievement Scholarship

We've made generous increases in the amount of pre-enrollment scholarship awarded in recognition of the effort our applicants undergo to achieve strong GMAT or GRE scores in support of their applications to our MBA and MiM programs.

Previous Tuition Remission Updated Tuition Remission Minimum Score for Application
60% Tuition Remission 80% Tuition Remission GMAT 720+ / GRE 330+
30% Tuition Remission 40% Tuition Remission GMAT 640+ / GRE 320+
10% Tuition Remission 20% Tuition Remission GMAT 560+ / GRE 310+

Pre-Enrollment Experience Scholarship

In recognition of the value unique perspectives bring to the classroom, the admissions committee will award 10 to 50% reduction of tuition to those who meet one of the following categories during the admissions process.

Category Eligible Applicants
Diversity Scholarship Citizens of underrepresented countries
Family Business Scholarship Managers of family businesses
Entrepreneurs' Scholarship Startup founders
Double Degree Program Scholarship English proficiency: TOEFL 900+ or equivalent

Scholarship policies rewarding achievement not only ensure the highest possible quality of participant-centered learning--they provide more flexibility with your resources for further enriching your experience exploring Japan. Of course, these new and updated opportunities are offered along with our existing in-house KEI scholarships, ensuring that enrolled students participating in our classes continue to contribute to maintaining a higher standard of collaborative, multidirectional, and participant-centered learning. Follow the link to our scholarship page to learn how

  • pre-enrollment scholarship recipients can continue receiving tuition remission at exclusive rates throughout their enrollment
  • how regular enrollees receive merit-based scholarships from the second semester onward
  • how tuition-reduction scholarship recipients can also receive our Housing Scholarship, awarding 25,000 or 40,000 yen per month