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Nikkei and NUCB's "Leading High-Performance Teams" program kicks off


"Leading High-Performance Teams," a new course created by NUCB Business School in collaboration with Nikkei, is designed to create an immersive environment where seasoned Japanese business professionals can engage in deep analytical discussions of business issues in English with international students of our institution.

This cross-cultural exchange enables our international students to gain insights from a Japanese business perspective, and likewise, affords Japanese professionals the benefit of international students' unique viewpoints.
By honing their skills and abilities through meaningful exchange of ideas and opinions, the program further develops next-generation leaders that can adapt to a changing global environment.

With both weekday night virtual and on campus weekend components taught by some of our best faculty members of both English and Japanese programs, the program kicked off its opening this past weekend at our campus in Nagoya. After an introduction by Dean for External Relations Prof. Yokoyama, an invigorating AM session by Prof. Ricardo Lim, and a rigorous PM session by Prof. Hiroshi Uchikoga, the participants enjoyed a networking dinner together at the end of a productive first day, eagerly anticipating the rest of the program.

About Nikkei Business School

Nikkei, Inc, based in Tokyo, is most well known for the Nikkei Shimbun, also known as the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (日本経済新聞, lit. "Japan Economics Newspaper"), which is the world's largest financial newspaper, with a daily circulation exceeding 1.73 million copies. Nikkei, Inc. is also known for its Nikkei 225, a stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which has been calculated by the newspaper since 1950, and is used by experts as a bellwether for the market. Using Nikkei's knowledge resources and network, Nikkei Business School was formed in collaboration with leading business schools to support the realization of human capital management, from training system design to human capital disclosure support.