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Case Writing

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“Case writing” refers to original case development projects that are underway at business schools around the globe. Numerous case centers can be found worldwide. Business schools that are not developing original cases have two choices: they can either use cases created at other business schools or choose not to utilize case studies at all. Schools in such situations are viewed as not providing a competitive MBA education. Here, it is necessary to consider the differences between “cases” and “thesis writing.” A thesis (such as academic paper) involves quantitative and qualitative research based on an academic theme, and results in a document that emphasizes the opinions of the writer himself/herself. One can say that a thesis (or academic paper) is a report written by a scholar for scholars. Meanwhile, a case is written objectively such that its protagonists are directly faced with a problem, and is not an analysis from the subjective perspective of the case writer himself/herself. It thus differs from a thesis in that the reader is enabled to analyze the case from a variety of perspectives, including marketing, finance, management, and so on. The title will often give a company name and the business year in which the case occurred, with an issue faced by management of the company at a specific time in its history; cases from different years will of course provide different scenarios.