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An Awakening Regarding the Healthcare MBA

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I am happy to announce here that the “Healthcare MBA,” which we started planning last year, has now been officially approved by the business school committee, and will start being offered in the academic year 2017. A relatively high percentage of the students attending our business school are practitioners in the healthcare industry, and a “Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Network” has been established that links current students with former (graduated) students. The network already counts more than 200 members who are eagerly anticipating the next step: the launch of a concrete academic program. Here, then, I would like to report on the mission and curriculum we have planned for this Healthcare MBA.

The mission of our Healthcare MBA is as follows. Our focus is the healthcare industry, but we will also involve a broad range of people from general society who are in other types of business and have an interest in healthcare. Through discussions involving all students that transcend industry partitions, we aim to create novel value, even while fostering the development of practical managers who can bear the responsibilities required for future healthcare.

Courses to be taught in Health Care program

  • Product Management & Marketing in Health Care
  • Management in Medical Institution
  • Entrepreneurship in Health Care
  • Management in Regulated Environment
  • Strategy in Health Care
  • Human Resource Management in Health Care
  • Ethics & Governance in Health Care
  • Finance and Accounting in Health Care
  • Data & Statistics in Health Care
  • Rescue Japan