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Differences Between a “Leader” and a “Manager”

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The MBA program is a place where leaders are trained who can lead their business to success by utilizing managerial science. Such superior leaders have mastered ethical decision-making skills, with the discernment and insight to discover and resolve issues and problems. They are responsible for the growth and development of business, employing changes in their environments.

It is a common interpretation that a leader “guides” the organization, while a manager “manages” it. A leader must also “innovate,” while a manager is said to “govern.” All this seems to imply that a leader is somehow more important than a manager. In fact, however, a superior leader is also a wonderful manager, while a manager can also exhibit great leadership abilities. What is important here is not managerial knowledge and techniques, but the ability to act wisely when faced with an unknown or precarious situation. An MBA education is the place where such fundamental stances and responses are developed so that students can rise to meet and challenge the unknown.