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What is a “Business School”?

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If you plan to attend a business school to get an MBA in managerial science, it is certainly necessary to have a good understanding of just what “managerial science” entails, especially because there are a lot of misunderstandings regarding this science. Managerial science is an academic field wherein policies are considered as to how a company, or any kind of organization (a team, etc.), acquires the resources it needs (people, things, money, and information), and how the company can effectively use such resources in order for it to flourish.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of academic domains that exist in managerial science. As Alfred Chandler, professor of management history at Harvard, famously said, “Structure follows strategy.” This suggests that there are two aspects of management that a manager should always be aware of: organization and strategy. From this idea, the following terms are derived, and these serve as the main domains at a business school.

  • Management strategy
  • Management organization

Approaches to, and methods in, these academic domains develop on a daily and monthly basis. Recent media articles have noted a shift from “strategic theory” to “organization theory,” but that merely reflects a temporary phenomenon. In fact, these two domains form two sides of the same coin. Knowledge of both aspects is necessary for an understanding of managerial science, and readers are encouraged to find their own ways to express these ideas.