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MBAs and venture managers

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We are in an age where an MBA is considered a basic requirement for managerial positions at foreign-owned venture start-ups. The pharmaceutical and finance industries are also snapping up MBA holders. However, the ultimate goal of an MBA holder is to become a manager. Every year brings many graduates capable of rising to the management ranks: those who wish to test their abilities before starting a business; those who want to study and hone their abilities before restoring a family business to its former glory; those looking to start a firm with their friends from business school to achieve a common goal; and so many more. Recently, a female graduate from our Osaka campus found great success in expanding the scope of her business and was featured in the magazine AERA, while a graduate of the Tokyo campus was headhunted by the president of a listed company. A graduate of the Nagoya campus managed to get part of the company he founded publicly listed. Though the sentient is often expressed, it remains true: everyone can overcome trying times and achieve success.

No effort is wasted.