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Practical Education to Support Relearning for Working People 《MBA Edition》

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Once individuals get into the workforce, daily pressures keep them busy, and one year can pass in the blink of an eye. At the same time, have you noticed how vision gradually continues to narrow? Human beings tend to recognize social phenomena as patterns through learning abilities to increase the efficiency in judging situations. For example, elongated yellow and black stripes are often seen as “dangerous.” Such pattern recognition has created a strong impression as a belief system and was carried over into working customs. In normal social life, this cognitive behavior works effectively, but when you want to come up with something new, you create a “disturbance” in taking on new challenges.

So, how can we escape from this "common sense" and bring innovation? It becomes possible in an environment where you can forget everyday life and be able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Although drinking parties and other social gatherings do provide opportunities for exchanges, there is a need for an environment that focuses on realistic business issues. Despite so much emphasis on innovation talent, are there universities that offer “practical” education, not just “theory?” The answer is simple. The problem is that people are not aware that problems don’t always come with a correct answer, or believe that the faculty must know the correct answer. Please, demand a business school (MBA) that contributes to re-educating working people.