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What is the Essence of an MBA Education?


The essence of an MBA can be expressed as a “common language in business.” I believe many of you have an experience of talking to someone from another industry or position and feeling as though the conversation doesn’t get anywhere, even though both people are speaking about the same topic. Oftentimes, this is caused by differences in the customs of the industries, corporate culture, or organizational environment, not because one of the participants is right or wrong. However, it is also true that there has to be a “common language” that allows people in such diverse environments to communicate effectively. Therefore, by using an MBA as a common language, it is possible to create an environment that contributes to the detection and solution of problems in business.

It is also a fact that, for a long period in its history, the MBA education was incorrectly perceived as a place where students are taught to make decisions with a “short-term perspective,” focused on goals such as stock value, profit, and job-changing. Nowadays, however, it is quite the opposite, as companies prioritize making business judgments with a “long-term perspective” that considers corporate ethics, innovation, sustainability, and others. Since each business school has its own approach, my recommendation is to compare the characteristics of the curriculum against your career before making a decision.